Swedish Massage  –  30 Mins: $45 / 60 Mins: $80

Perfect for the end of the day, this classic massage stimulates circulations, relive built-up tension while helping you unwind.


Deep Tissue Massage  –  30 Mins: $50 / 60 Mins: $90

Perfect for he physically active individual, this massage promoted the recovery of injured or strained muscles and improves overall flexibility. Alleviate tightness and strain.


Hot Stone Therapy  –  30 Mins: $55 / 60 Mins: $100

Heated Stones combined with Aromatherapy and dry brushing, promoting deep overall relaxation. Will help you to achieve balance and combined with a deep tissue massage to open to open your body’s energy channels for the ultimate in healing and relaxation. This treatment is excellent for stress, fatigue and anxiety.


Body Scrub  –  60 Mins: $110

A healthy and natural method to cleanse and exfoliate your entire body, our body scrub removes dead skin cells and moisturizes the skin tone with the power of AHA which is found in brown sugar. Rejuvenate and cleanse your skin with this wonderful treatment also including the ingredients of sweet almond oil and vitamin E.


Cupping  –  $60


Reflexology Massage  –  30 Mins: $35 / 60 Mins: $70

A tender massage combing gentle pressure and massage, this treatment is excellent for stress, warm herbal oils loosen tight muscles to leave you feeling renewed & reborn.


Mini Day SPA  –  1 hr 30 Mins: $119

Includes: Signature Facial, 1/2 hour Body Massage


Queen of the Day  –  3 hr: $239

Includes: Ultrasonic Facial, Collagen Mask, Hand Paraffin Treatment, Full Body Massage (60 min.) or Full Body Scrub (60 min.)


King of the Day  –  3 hr: $239

Includes: Men’s Signature Facials, Hand Paraffin Treatment, Deep Tissue Massage (60 min.) or Full Body Scrub (60 min.)


Paraffin Hands: $20
Paraffin Feet: $20
Paraffin Ear Candle: $35
Collagen Eye Mask: $25
Eye Treatment: $40
Hnad / Feet Care Treatment: $35
* Scrub, Massage 10 min. using Paraffin wax